Can You Sue For A Roller Coaster Injury?

If you were injured while riding a roller coaster, you have the right to sue for your injuries. Who you can sue depends on what happened.

Other Guests

Other guests may be liable if you were injured by their belongings. Most roller coasters make it clear that you shouldn't wear or hold anything that can fly off. You also shouldn't keep things in pockets that don't close since your pockets can get emptied when the roller coaster flips. Many theme parks even provide lockers near roller coasters.

Almost any object that flies out on a roller coaster can cause serious injuries due to the high speeds. A rider who fails to secure all objects may be liable for any injuries that result.

Many roller coasters have video cameras that monitor the rides and may record what happened in an accident. You may have to file a police report or hire a personal injury lawyer before the theme park will give you the video. If the person who got you hurt left the area, you may be able to find their identity by requesting ticket sale information from the theme park.

Individual Ride Operators

Individual ride operators usually can't be sued for roller coaster injuries. That's because the law says you sue the employer, not the employees.

You can usually only sue an employee who was acting completely outside of their job or engaged in criminal acts. That might include something like fooling around in a restricted area that should have been empty while the ride was running.

The Theme Park

Theme parks have a high level of responsibility for roller coasters. If they don't follow all of their responsibilities, they may be liable for any injuries.

Roller coaster maintenance is very important. High speeds and fast turns mean that both the vehicles and tracks can wear out and create safety issues if they aren't properly maintained. One example where potential problems can occur is ride restraints failing over time.

Theme parks also need to take steps to ensure safe operation. This means making sure that guests know how to safely ride the roller coaster and giving reminders not to bring on any loose items. It also means making sure that employees follow safety procedures such as making sure riders are buckled in properly.

Theme parks should also provide warnings of potential health risks. More intense roller coasters usually aren't suitable for people with conditions like heart problems, and the theme park needs to make sure those people are aware to not ride the roller coaster. 

For more info, contact a local personal injury attorney. 

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