Understanding The Components Of A Wage Loss Vocational Assessment

If you have suffered a personal injury and you're pursuing restitution, one of the things that you need to discuss with your attorney is the benefit of a wage loss assessment. These assessments evaluate your earning capacity both before and after the injury, providing you with a clear breakdown of how the injury has affected your ability to make a living, and what it means for you in the long run. Here's a look at some of the things that the assessment will take into account. 

Your Prior Earning Capacity

The first element to be considered in a vocational wage loss assessment is your prior earning capacity. This is an important element because it provides the baseline by which your current earning capacity can be measured. These calculations are essential for determining the ultimate effect of the injury on your earnings ability both current and future. In most cases, this calculation is one of long-term earnings and earnings progression, often looking at a minimum of a decade of annual earnings figures.

Your Injury's Effect On Your Vocational Prospects

The next thing to consider as part of the vocational assessment is the effect of your injury on your vocational prospects. How has the injury altered your ability to do the job you were doing previously? Are you unable to return to that position? Will you need accommodations, reduced working hours, or a completely different career path following your injury? These are all important factors that affect your ability to earn moving forward.

Your Recovered Earning Capacity

The final aspect of your wage loss vocational assessment is the earning capacity you will have once you reach your maximum recovery point. While this point isn't always a complete recovery, it's the point at which your doctors determine that you aren't likely to see any marked improvement moving forward. This point is where your future earning capacity can be evaluated. Your assessor will evaluate the potential earnings of any positions you may be eligible to pursue, including any growth potential in the vocational years that you have left.

The difference between your prior earning capacity and your recovered earning capacity is what's considered your vocational wage loss due to your injury. This figure can be used to seek restitution during your case. Having a professional evaluation is important for the courts to view it with validity.

Talk with your personal injury lawyer today about the benefits of a wage loss vocational assessment for your claim.

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