5 Ways A Divorce Attorney Can Help Get More From Your Spouse

If you're getting divorced and you're not using the services of an attorney, you might want to reconsider. A good divorce attorney can ensure that you get what you deserve from your spouse during the divorce process, whether in the form of spousal support or property division. Here are five ways that an experienced divorce attorney can help you get more from your spouse during the divorce process.

1. Force a Full Financial Disclosure

If you want to get as much from your spouse in divorce proceedings, consider asking your attorney to force full financial disclosure. That means requesting your spouse turn over everything—even if it's embarrassing or seems irrelevant (it isn't). 

Your lawyer won't be squeamish; when they know how much money and property is at stake, they can push to get a satisfactory settlement. 

2. File Restraining Orders To Protect Assets

File for a temporary restraining order to prevent your spouse from transferring assets, changing beneficiary designations, or otherwise trying to defraud you. A temporary restraining order can help protect your interests during the divorce proceedings. This way, you get the full share you deserve. 

3. Calculate Adequate Alimony Payments

Your divorce attorney will calculate appropriate alimony payments. But, first, you should figure out how much your spouse earns each month and subtract any special needs they have from that number. You also need to include your children's special needs in your calculation. 

For example, if one of your children receives therapy for attention deficit disorder or another condition, you would adjust for those costs when calculating adequate support.

4. Calculate Adequate Child Support Payments for a High Quality of Life

Parents are legally obligated to provide for their children. But how do you calculate how much child support you should be paying? In any divorce, determining what constitutes fair and adequate child support is vital to ensure that your children's needs are met in terms of necessities and quality of life. 

Push for a Fair Division of Property and Assets

While it is true that some people do find themselves with less than they expected when they go through a divorce, there are ways to fight for what you deserve. An attorney can help make sure that assets are divided fairly and equitably. These include real property, collectibles, stock option portfolios, venture capital interests,  other business interests, and retirement benefits.

Although you may want your divorce to conclude as fast as possible, it is advisable to go through it with proper legal help. Call a divorce attorney for any inquiries you may have on divorce proceedings. 

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