Things You Can Count On After A Work Injury

Being injured in the workplace can cause a lot of confusion. Workers may wonder what will happen to them when they are not able to work because of the injury. They might also wonder how they will pay their bills, about medical expenses, and more. While things don't always go perfectly after a work injury, there are a few things hurt workers can count on. 

You May be Paid a Partial Salary

Your employer likely provides workers' compensation insurance, and you may be paid if you must stay home after an injury. The doctor who treats you makes the decision about keeping you out of work and for how long. The money may be paid weekly, monthly, or it could even be paid in advance depending on how things are done in your location. This money is not taxed but don't expect to be paid enough to replace your regular salary.

Your Medical Bills Are Covered

If your claim is accepted, all your medical bills are paid by the workers' compensation insurer. Let the medical facilities know that you are being seen about a work-related injury. When you need specialty care, such as a surgeon or physical therapy, your doctor will refer you and that is covered as well.

You Cannot Be Fired

You should not return to work until ordered by your doctor and your employer is not allowed to take retaliation against you for filing a workers' comp claim. You cannot be fired, demoted, reassigned, or harassed because of the claim. If you are, contact both your state board of workers' compensation and a workers' compensation lawyer for help in being paid damages.

You Don't Have to Accept Denials

Some hurt workers are denied benefits for no good reason. If that occurs, know that nearly all insurance rulings come with an opportunity to appeal them. Speak to a workers' compensation lawyer about your denied claim to find out about your rights and options to appeal wrongful denials.

You Can Afford a Lawyer

Many hurt workers believe that they cannot afford a lawyer to help them, but they likely can afford one that uses a contingency fee plan. Hurt workers pay the lawyer's fee only if they win your case. Then, their pay comes from your winning back benefits or your settlement from the insurer.

A workers' compensation lawyer can get your claim reinstated, help you with the appeals process, negotiate a good settlement for you, and so much more. Speak to a workers' comp lawyer today.

Reach out to an attorney, such as Edwin L Gagnon, Attorney at Law, for more information.

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