Are You Seeking Divorce? 3 Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Family Law Attorney

Judicial separations and divorces are not as easy as they seem. They are regulated by strict state laws that couples must comply with to get official authorization to live separately. For this reason, you need sufficient information about the process before filing for divorce. 

A family law practitioner will help you not only to understand the process but also to know what to expect and do at different phases. Besides that, your lawyer allows you to ask questions about any concerns that require clarification so that you can make informed decisions. Some questions you should ask your lawyer include the following.

How Long Will the Process Take to Finalize?

The duration of divorce varies in different situations. For instance, if you and your partner agree to live separately, your divorce will likely take a short time to finalize. This kind of agreement doesn't experience many arguments, and is less likely to end in court. 

However, if you or your spouse holds a hard-line stand to revenge the divorce, the process might take longer. Also, remember that the judge can extend the period by six more months after you or your partner receives divorce papers. This period gives you time to sort out your differences before the judge can rule on your case.

What Property Will You and Your Partner Keep?

The family law gives equal rights to both parties when dividing property after separation. Therefore, you're likely to keep half of the property you've acquired since you married. You'll also keep all the assets you acquired before you got married. And so, you should provide your lawyer with proof showing when you acquired the assets. 

What Are the Likely Outcomes of Issues Affecting Children?

The judge will evaluate the issues you and your spouse raise to know who will take the best care of your kids. However, they will consider an arrangement that will enable you to be present in your children's lives at different stages. Any parent can receive primary custodianship of the kids, so long as they provide the young ones the much-needed happiness and comfort. The other parent stays with the children based on the visitation arrangement. 

If you're planning a divorce, contact a family law attorney before starting the process. Then, ask them the three questions above and any others you feel might affect your case. The lawyer will also ask several questions to understand the grounds of your divorce. After that, they will find a suitable approach to help you get the most favorable outcome.

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