How Do I Prove That Someone Else Was At Fault When They Hit Me?

When you are involved in a car accident, there are several ways to prove who was at fault. Generally, the more evidence you have, the better, but you don't have to have every type of evidence if you can't get it or it doesn't apply to your case.

Police Reports

A police report is easy to obtain. Just file a police report when you have been in an auto accident and include all the information you know about who was behind the wheel and what happened. This proof is usually enough for most people to win their cases.

The reason police reports are important is the police officer is the only neutral person on the scene. They are trained to tell whether people are telling the truth and how to look at the damage on the vehicles for additional clues.

Insurance Company Reports

The insurance company will also do its own reports. Insurance adjusters are trained to investigate accidents by talking to witnesses, reviewing photos, and getting information from the body shop.

The insurance company report will also note what each driver said to the adjuster. If the other driver keeps changing their story, you can use that against them. 


It's common today for there to be videos of a car accident. Many people have a dashcam, parking lots have video cameras, and many public roads now have traffic cameras.

If you have a copy of a video, you have the right to use it as evidence. You can get a video that someone else has after you file your case by asking your lawyer to issue a subpoena for the video. If the video belongs to the other driver and they don't give it to you, that can automatically be used as evidence against them.


It's not always easy to find witnesses to a car accident. Sometimes, no one else was around. Other times, other people don't want to get involved.

If you can find a witness, they are often your best evidence. That's because a random person who just happened to be there has no reason to lie about what happened. They don't care which driver wins except that if they saw someone do something wrong, they probably want to make sure that that driver is the one who is held responsible for the accident.

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