The Dangers Of Being A Pro Se Litigant In A Truck Accident Case

After a truck accident, you will need to take legal action in order to get your life back on track. However, you may be unwilling to hire an attorney because of the cost of doing so. One alternative is to become a pro se litigant. However, this is often a bad decision for several reasons.

Bias Against Pro Se Litigants

Even as a pro se litigant, you will be expected to follow the court procedure properly, follow the rules, and comply with all statutes. However, as a pro se litigant, you won't have the legal training to do this effectively and will need to spend a considerable amount of time educating yourself on relevant case law.

Even if you do a great job as a pro se litigant, the judge might be biased against you because of the behavior of other pro se litigants in the past. The judge prefers to work with an attorney instead and may be more sympathetic.

It's More Difficult to Win a Truck Accident Case

Pro se litigants are less likely to win their cases. A truck accident case is especially hard to win because of the army of lawyers that an average commercial insurance provider hires. Commercial insurance policy limits are much higher than auto insurance limits. As a result, these cases are taken much more seriously with so much money on the line. 

Even if you feel like you cannot afford a truck accident lawyer, it makes sense to schedule a free consultation. A lawyer can at least point you in the right direction and give you a sense of whether you are likely to win your case.

Many Lawyers Work Only On a Contingency Fee

With a contingency fee, your lawyer will only be compensated if they win your case. If a lawyer is willing to take your case and agree to this type of fee arrangement, they are more likely to be confident in your odds of winning. Your attorney will also work hard to maximize your compensation because the ultimate fee they will be paid is based on how much you are compensated.

Most truck accident cases are settled out of court and the contingency fee is even lower in this case. Your attorney will not have to do as much work and settling a truck accident case out of court is much more affordable than going to trial.

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