What You Must Write Down After An Accident

When you are seeking compensation for an accident, you'll not only need to have suffered damages, but you'll also need to prove that your damages were the result of the negligence of the other motorist. This will require that you present evidence. However, much of this evidence can be lost when you don't take steps to preserve evidence. It's especially important to write down your own notes regarding what happened.

Recording How the Accident Occurred

Make sure to write down all the details of the accident so you don't forget them. For example, write down how the other motorist was at fault for the accident. If the driver was speeding, for example, make sure to include this so you can recount it later. One of the advantages of your own report is that you don't have to use a specific format so you can feel free to include anything that you think will help your case. Even if the information isn't helpful, your car accident lawyer will be able to inform you of this.

One of the advantages of writing down details after an accident is that you'll be more likely to be calmer after the accident. You may not think as clearly when you are experiencing stress.

Taking Photographs

Take photographs of your injuries, the scene of the accident, and the damage done to both vehicles. Both your auto insurance provider and the insurance provider of the other motorist will likely expect photographs of the accident.

One of the advantages of taking photographs is that you can then look at each picture and use it to remember what happened. Then, you'll want to record each incident so you can use them when talking to your car accident attorney about how you will build your case.

Recording Any Statements

Each statement made by the driver could potentially be used to help support your case. The driver might admit fault or may make a claim that is impossible. Also, if any witnesses make statements, make sure to write them down, exchange contact information with witnesses, and ask the witnesses if they would like to testify on your behalf if necessary. Ask the witnesses to write down their own formal statements.

With all the information gathered, your car accident attorney will be able to put pressure on the insurance adjuster to offer a better settlement. You'll also be able to make use of this information if your case goes to court.

If you have additional questions, reach out to a local car accident lawyer.

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