How Transactional Practice Law Differs From Corporate Litigation

When you are looking for an attorney who has experience handling corporate transactions, it's important to understand the difference between transactional practice and litigation. Some corporate transaction attorneys are focused on transactional practice, while others are focused on litigation. By finding an attorney who is experienced in the area of law that you're concerned about, you'll receive the services that you need. 

Transactional Practice

The goal of transactional practice is to perform the research necessary and create the documents needed to bring two parties together for the purpose of a transaction. The goal of the attorney is to ensure that the transaction is legal and successful. The attorney will focus on researching, negotiating, drafting, and advising. 

Adapting to a Changing Legal Landscape

In today's corporate environment, problems arise rapidly that will require creative legal solutions. A corporate attorney needs to be efficient and to respond quickly to your needs as a client. Given the globalization of modern corporations, an attorney often needs to be experienced in international law to help create agreements that are legal within different jurisdictions.

Following Regulations

Another concern for businesses is the continual expansion of the regulations that corporations need to follow. An attorney keeps up with the latest regulations related to corporate transactions so that you can focus on what you do best: business.

Coordinating with Other Professionals

A corporate attorney will often work with other professionals to coordinate in a manner that is in the best interests of your corporation. For instance, he or she may coordinate with tax professionals so that you can remain in compliance and eliminate costly fees.

Litigation Attorneys

A corporate litigation attorney is focused on situations where another party breaches a contract or commits a crime. When you have been damaged by another party due to the violation of a contract, you may then turn to a corporate litigation attorney to draft a case for why you deserve compensation for your injuries. 

Reaching a Settlement

With both transactional practice and corporate litigation attorneys, the majority of time is spent outside the courtroom performing research and interviewing clients and witnesses. The goal is to settle the case before it goes to trial, and the majority of cases are resolved in this manner. When you are able to draft an agreement with another party, you may be able to avoid situations where litigation is necessary. However, there are some cases where the actions of the other party make litigation unavoidable.

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