Ways That an Escape Room Assault Can Lead to a Workers' Compensation Suit

If you work at an escape room, you'd likely deal with dozens of customers throughout each shift. Most of these encounters will be innocuous, but you might face a difficult situation in which one customer assaults you. While you'll likely want to press charges, you may also want to talk to a local workers' compensation attorney right after the incident. You may want to launch a suit against the escape room for contributing to the assault in some manner. Here are some details that your suit may highlight.

The Escape Room Door Was Locked

Generally, escape room doors don't lock — even though the premise of the game is that participants are "locked" in the room. Staff members don't lock the doors so participants are free to leave if they feel claustrophobic. If you were in the room when someone assaulted you, the assault may have been compounded by the fact that the door was locked — thus preventing you from escaping. Your workers' compensation attorney will likely deem this detail to be critical in your case, and hold the escape room management responsible.

The Bar Overserved the Customer

Escape rooms often have bars that allow customers to enjoy a drink or two before or after their escape room experience. You may be aware that the customer who assaulted you was intoxicated, and that the escape room bar served him or her multiple drinks. In this scenario, your attorney will argue that the escape room's decision to overserve the customer was a contributing factor to his or her combative behavior and eventual assault on you.

The Security Cameras Weren't Working

Escape rooms typically have a security camera in each room, which is there so that staff members can monitor a group's progress. For example, if the group is behaving recklessly, a staff member can observe this behavior and then visit the room to offer a verbal warning. If you were assaulted in plain sight of one of the cameras, but it wasn't operational at the time of the incident, you may feel that the escape room management is partially to blame. If the camera had been operational, one of your colleagues would have noticed the incident promptly and come to your rescue. Each of these factors should be fairly easy for you to prove as you build a workers' compensation suit, which will increase your likelihood of a favorable settlement.

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