What You Need To Win A Worker's Compensation Case If You Work For An Amusement Park

Working at an amusement park can be a fun and exciting time. While many parks are only open during the summer months, others are year-round and will require staff to work in the retail stores, restaurants, and the rides. If the park isn't kept in the best condition, however, it could be dangerous and lead to accidents and the potential to need worker's compensation.

What you need to win a worker's compensation case if you are hurt while working for an amusement park can vary. It's possible you will need to prove that your injuries came from working and the park is at fault. Here's how to do it.

Mechanical Equipment Was Prone To Failure

One of the top ways amusement park employees get injured is if the equipment they are operating is prone to failure. For example, if you are a ride operator for a ride like a roller coaster or carousel and it has a history of break downs, but it's not given the proper maintenance that it should have, you could easily be injured working there.

If that's the case, you would need to prove that the ride is not well maintained and has a history of break downs. If you can prove someone else has been injured before – either a worker or a rider, it will better help your case.

The same is true of other mechanical equipment such as the park's cars, tools, or machinery. If there is a history of problems, and ones that have been brought to the owner's or manager's attention before, you can use this information to win your case.

Improper Safety Features

Sometimes park visitors might tamper with safety features on rides or other areas of the park, like maintenance sheds, fences, or benches. The park should have adequate safety features in place that make it difficult for people who are not authorized to be there to access those areas.

For example, if a person lost their hat while on a roller coaster and they go into a restricted area to retrieve it, you could have been hurt going after them or trying to prevent any damage they are causing. You would need to prove there weren't enough proper safety features in place to prevent the injury from happening.

Proper Training and Signage For Ride Operation

If you are a ride operator and were hurt while working, you could be entitled to worker's compensation if you can prove there wasn't proper training in the operation of the ride. Amusement parks are supposed to provide adequate training in the operation of their rides to prevent not only guests from being hurt but the operator as well.

If you were only given preliminary training but no extensive guidance in the operation of a particular ride, you could use this information to win your case. The same is true if there is no proper signage or documentation on the safe operation and safe movements around the ride.

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