3 Legal Woes That Come Along With Legal Marijuana In Some States

As of 2019, marijuana is legal for recreational use in several states. However, the changes in laws from state to state have brought about some really unique situations in which you can accidentally get a drug charge. Take a look at some of the legal woes that come along with legal marijuana in some states. 

1. You can get charged with transporting marijuana across state lines. 

Every state has differing laws regarding the possession of marijuana. Now, since some states are legal and some states are not, it is perfectly possible to obtain cannabis in a legal way and then get in trouble because you were simply driving home. For instance, if you bought legal cannabis at a dispensary in a state like Colorado, got in your car, and drove back home across other states, you could get in trouble if you get caught in a state that has no legal marijuana. Not only will you get slapped with a possession charge, but you can also be charged with transporting an illegal substance across state lines, which is even trickier to defend. 

2. You can get charged with possession on federal properties. 

Cannabis may be legal on a state level in a lot of places, but according to federal laws, it is still an illegal substance. Unfortunately, this discrepancy between state and federal regulations makes things a little tricky for those who buy products. If you get caught on federal grounds with your perfectly legally obtained marijuana, you can be facing criminal charges for having that product in a place where the product is considered an illegal substance. For example, if you grab an ounce of cannabis and then head off to a federal land reserve to take a hike, you can get charged with federal possession charges if you get caught. 

3. You can get charged for having drug paraphernalia. 

States handle drug paraphernalia in different ways, and most of the states where cannabis is now recreationally legal have relaxed their laws on the paraphernalia that can be associated with using it. For instance, if you have a pipe in the console of your vehicle, it probably would not be that big of a deal. However, laws are changing so quickly that some states have failed to make proper amendments to paraphernalia laws. So even if you are just carrying a pipe through a state where marijuana is technically legal, you could still get a drug paraphernalia charge. 

For more information, contact your local interstate marijuana defense attorney. 

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