What You Need To Know Before You Try To Obtain A Liquor License In Your Area

If you want to sell alcohol in any capacity from your establishment, then you should obtain your license as soon as possible. Getting a liquor license can take some time, and it can become quite complicated. Here's some information that can help you start the process.

You Will Need to Set Aside Some Money for the Process

Obtaining your liquor license in any locale will cost you money. How much money it will cost can vary greatly. The license can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. However, other factors can inflate that price.

It's not just the liquor license you pay for. There's also taxes, processing, and application fees. In some jurisdictions you may need multiple licenses, each with its own process. Even more factors can affect the price of the license as well.

  • The type of establishment you're running
  • The type of alcohol you want to sell (beer, wine, or spirits)
  • What times you intend to sell alcohol
  • What days you intend to sell alcohol
  • Whether people will drink on premises or off

Your location can affect the price as well. Liquor laws vary from state to state, and from county to county, so it's hard to say how much your liquor license will cost you in the end.

It's best to start doing research by way of your state's alcohol beverage control board or authority. That should help you to figure out a rough dollar amount you can set aside.

Sometimes There's Not Enough Liquor Licenses to go Around

Many states base how many liquor licenses they hand out on population. In some places, the county itself dictates how many licenses the area can have at any given time. Despite your readiness to obtain a license, you may find out there simply aren't any available.

Availability of liquor licenses will also depend on the type you need. For example, you may need a restaurant-class liquor license if you want to sell beer, spirits, and wine at your eating establishment. But if none are available, you can opt for a license that will allow you to serve only beer, and only for carryout.

If the license you need is unavailable, there are still options.

You can also wait it out. Liquor licenses expire or become inactive, or other business can lose them for various reasons.

Obtaining your liquor license can become an uphill battle, but it's a battle you can win. Do your research, learn your area's process and policies. The sooner you start, the better, as it can take a little while to go from start to finish. For more information on obtaining a liquor license, contact a company like Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants.

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