Tactics for Fighting a Traffic Violation

It can be frustrating to get slapped with a criminal traffic violation, especially when you felt that your actions were justified. Thankfully, you can always present your side of the case in court to show why you behaved the way you did. Here are some strategies that you can use to refute your traffic violation. 

Argue with the Conclusion of the Officer

The first thing to do is argue with the conclusion the police officer made. Depending on the specific traffic violation, the officer may need to make a subjective claim in order to write the ticket. For instance, if you are being charged with an exhibition of speed, the officer might claim that you were trying to impress or grab the attention of someone around you; you might come back and claim that you sped because you were driving a new car and weren't used to the acceleration yet. Speak with your traffic lawyer about possible defenses based on the crime. 

It helps to collect evidence to show why the police officer may have made a bad call. There might have been distractions around, such as a noisy and chaotic pedestrian volume. Or, the officer may have been driving in fairly heavy traffic at the time they noticed you. Each of these distractions could have caused them to misjudge the situation you were in. 

Point Out Your Previous Driving Record

If you have a previously clean driving record, a reckless or criminal driving charge may seem out of place. Arguing that you have previously been a responsible driver is one way for you to get more of a consideration when you explain your side of the story and position your behavior as rational. 

Argue That It Was a Mistake

Perhaps you can argue that your driving issue was a mistake. Maybe you entered a lower speed-limit area, but a sign was obscured at the time. Go back and retrace your steps to see whether there are any possible defenses here. 

Hire a Lawyer

And lastly, depending on the severity of your potential fines and penalties, it might be wise to hire a traffic-law attorney to defend you in court. The criminal-defense lawyer will be well versed at throwing a shade of doubt on the officer's account, pointing out potential things that are missing from the police report or the officer's memory. If your criminal-defense lawyer is able to show why you reasonably acted the way you did, you might be able to get your charge thrown out and avoid heavy fees or a suspended license. 

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