Protecting Yourself During A Car Accident Claim: 3 Ways You Should Avoid Oversharing On Social Media

Most Americans rely on social media to connect with one another nowadays, with 73% of American adults using at least some form of social media network. While you might be tempted to share even the smallest details of your life, you'll want to avoid sharing details that pertain to a car accident you might still be seeking legal compensation for. Here are 3 common ways that people tend to overshare.

Details of the Accident

While you might feel compelled to share the trauma experienced from a car accident, refrain from doing so, as what you post on social media sites can come back and bite you from behind. Even though you might have only intended to share with close family friends and members, the lawyers of the other parties involved will be combing all social media sites to see what you have to say.

They will scrutinize every detail you post in order to see if there are any inconsistencies or discrepancies in your stories. These findings may be used against you in court.

Comments Regarding How Much Compensation You Expect

The legal system awards compensation as it see fits. The judge will want to know that you deserve the compensation you request by taking a look at the severity of the accident, the type of injuries you've sustained, the type of medications and treatments you've need and the amount of emotional trauma you've experienced. You don't want to do anything that can compromise your position.

In particular, you'll want to avoid talking about compensation altogether. You don't want the other lawyers to accuse you of faking an injury or faking the severity of an injury or of the mental trauma experienced just so you can squeeze more money out of the case. On top of avoiding any discussions regarding compensation, don't talk about any financial plans you may have for the future either, as those can be twisted the wrong way.

Details of Your Injuries and Progress of Recovery

You're not a doctor, and you definitely don't want to incorrectly diagnose yourself. Don't post anything online about your injuries or about your progress of recovery or how you're feeling. You might overestimate the rate of your recovery or you might not be able to fully see the extent of permanent damages your body has suffered. If you post information that contradicts what your physician has told you, you will weaken your claim.


To make sure that you don't do anything that compromises your position, speak with a car accident attorney like The Jaklitsch Law Group. Don't discuss the case with others, whether it be on or off social media, until you do so. 

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