2 Reasons To Hire A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney To Defend Your Teen Against Drug Charges

If your teen has been charged with a drug-related offense, it is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer with a track record of success. Here are a few reasons why:

A successful criminal defense attorney can help ensure that evidence against your child is discredited.

Law enforcement officers must adhere to proper protocol when gathering evidence through a search and seizure. The Fourth Amendment requires police officials to obtain the permission of the court before conducting a search. In addition, the search must be justified; it cannot be performed randomly without cause. 

If evidence against your teen has been gathered in a manner that conflicts with Fourth Amendment guidelines, it cannot be used in court. Thus, the ability of your child's lawyer to discredit such evidence is important.

Additionally, some evidence may be presented through the testimonies of eyewitnesses. If a criminal defense attorney can make these witnesses appear unreliable, the lawyer may win the case. By researching the backgrounds of witnesses, the attorney may be able to discredit their testimonies. Additionally, the lawyer may disprove the statements of witnesses who desire to remain anonymous by making statements that contradict the testimonies of these unseen individuals and their reason for desired anonymity.

A skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to convince the prosecution to lessen the charges against your teen.

Over time, a criminal defense lawyer develops a relationship with the prosecution team. He or she may be able to use that relationship to help lessen your teen's sentence if your youngster actually did commit the crime. 

Sometimes, in drug-related cases, a criminal defense attorney can convince the prosecutor to pursue drug rehabilitation instead of jail time. This can be important to the life of your teen in the long run. The experiences that your child may incur in a correctional facility may be quite different than those he or she may encounter in a drug rehabilitation environment. A general prison environment may even cause your child to gravitate more toward criminal activities after his or her release due to the relationships formed with repeat offenders during your teen's incarceration. A drug rehabilitation center, on the other hand, may help your child overcome an addiction that caused your youngster's arrest in the first place. 

If your teen has been charged with a drug offense and you want to protect his or her future, schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney, like one at Rolsch Law Offices, in your area.

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