The Battle Begins: 4 Steps To Take When Your Custody Battle Becomes Contentious

Child custody battles are difficult enough under normal circumstances. However, when the other parent refuses to play by the rules – or worse, actually breaks them – child custody battles can become absolute nightmares. If your ex is playing dirty and undermining your ability to do what's best for the children, you need to take matters into your own hands. Here are four steps you have to take if your ex is playing dirty.

Document Everything

When it comes to contentious custody battles, documents can make or break the case. To make sure the ball stays in your court, document everything. That means you need to hold on to every piece of paper that might help your case including emails, letters, faxes, and receipts.

It also means that you need to keep a journal. Document every encounter that you have with the other parent. The information you provide in your journal will come in handy if you need to recount details from a specific event.

Have Competent Witnesses

If your custody battle ends up in court, you're going to need to have competent witnesses on your side. This includes witnesses to parent drop-offs and pick-ups. Don't ask friends and family to be witnesses to these exchanges. Friends and family may be deemed bias to the case if it goes to trial. Instead, schedule your exchanges at police stations, libraries, or other public buildings. Request the names of any staff members that are present for the exchange.

Make Sure Your Attorney is Up for the Task

If your ex has proven that they're willing to break the rules and bend the truth to get what they want, you're going to need an attorney who's up for the task. When you sit down with your attorney for your first meeting, make sure you're truthful about all the encounters and exchanges you've experienced with your ex. This will help your attorney understand the complexity of the case before them.

Stay Calm

If your case goes to trial, your ex is going to want you to break down in the court room. This will help them prove that you're unstable. Remain calm. If your ex lies in court, quietly write a note to your attorney so that they can handle it according to courtroom procedures. Above all else, don't act out or become visibly upset.

If your ex is behaving unscrupulously during your custody battle, you need to avoid mistakes. The tips provided here will help you survive the custody battle. If your ex makes you fear for your safety or for the safety of your children, contact law enforcement and your family law attorney as soon as possible. Click here for more info.

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