How Can You Change Back To Your Maiden Name After A Divorce?

One decision you may be trying to make during your divorce is whether or not to revert back to your maiden name. A lot of women do this for a variety of reasons, and there are two main ways you can accomplish this. One method is easy to use, while the other may take a little more work.

Change it during your divorce

The easy way to accomplish this goal is to request the change during your divorce proceedings. In fact, the judge is likely to ask you if you would like to make this change. If you tell the judge that you would like to do, he or she will provide you with the approval. When you receive the divorce decree from the court, it will specifically state that the court approved this request.

Once you have the decree that states this approval, you can then proceed to request a new social security card. This should be the first step you take, because you may need to show this along with your divorce decree to get your name changed on other documents, including your state ID card, bills, loans, assets, and anything else that may have your name.

Change it afterwards

If you do not request a name change during your divorce, or if after your divorce you decide that you want to change your name back to your maiden name, you can still do this; however, it may be slightly harder. In order to complete this task, you must get a court approval for this, and this will involve filling out the appropriate forms.

Every state has different forms and rules you must follow when doing this, and you will probably have to pay a fee. Once you fill out the forms, you will need to submit them to your local courthouse. Once a judge approves your request, you will be notified and will then be able to proceed with changing your name on everything you have. This is something you could do on your own; however, it might be easier to hire a divorce lawyer to do the work for you.

If you have any questions about changing your name back to your maiden name, contact a divorce lawyer. He or she can answer your questions, assist you with the necessary steps, and help you complete all the necessary tasks you must do during and after your divorce. Visit for more information.   

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