Does Your Grandchild Need Care? How To Get Custody

Did your child end up having a child of their own before they were ready, and you now need to get custody of your grandchild to help raise them in a safe environment? If so, you want to talk with a custody lawyer right away to get the case going.

There are several ways you can go about getting full custody of the child, and it may not be difficult if you already have the child a majority of the time, or if the parent has substance abuse problems and isn't able to provide,

Document When You Have the Child

You should start documenting every time you have the child, to show how often you already care for them and that the child is used to your supervision. Use a calendar to show when the child arrives and leaves each day, and make sure you have it marked when you have the child overnight, or how many days you have them at a time.

Prove the Addiction or Neglect  

Do you know that the parent is currently battling some type of addiction, or that they neglect the child? If so you want the lawyer to press for drug testing or alcohol testing, to show that the parent isn't in the right state of mind to care for the child.

If there are also signs of neglect, like the child is left with you for long periods of time, or that they aren't bathed or fed, or are falling behind in school, these will help your case. You may need to contact teachers or child care providers to get statements.

Show You Can Support the Child

Do you have the financial stability to support the child, and a secure home where they can grow in safely? Showing the judge that you have everything that the child would need to live in a healthy and supportive home, and that they will be loved and cared for, is necessary when you are trying to get custody from the parent.

Your lawyer may suggest that you first try to convince the parent to sign the child over to you, since this will save you both lawyer fees and court costs. If they aren't willing to do this, then going to court will be your only option. Talk with your custody attorney about what options you have to get custody immediately until the judge makes a decision, to make sure that the parent doesn't run off with the child.

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