3 Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring A Social Security Lawyer

You worked hard for years and did your part by paying your taxes. Even though you never plan on having to file for social security disability, there comes a time when something happens in your life and you are stuck with no other option than to do so. Trying to figure out all of the specifics of social security law can be confusing and overwhelming. This is where you need to turn to an attorney to handle it for you. But, how do you know who you can trust and who you can't? To help you choose an attorney who is going to work for you and your needs, try asking potential attorneys the questions below.

Will you be preparing a written statement to present as evidence?

During the course of your social security hearing, you will be given the opportunity to present evidence that substantiates your claim. You want to make sure you give the judge as much information as you can to prove that you are in fact disabled and unable to work like you once could. By having the lawyer prepare the written statement outlining all of your injuries and how it is affecting your life today, you can save yourself a lot of hassles and headaches in court.

Is the lawyer willing to appeal the decision if needed?

Make sure the lawyer is willing to keep fighting for your rights. You don't want a lawyer who is going to give up after one hearing. A good lawyer will keep appealing and fighting for as long as it takes to get you the benefits you deserve. You need to know that the individual you hire isn't a quitter and is going to fight hard for you and your rights.

How many years of experience does the attorney have in this particular specialty?

You want to make sure the lawyer has a lot of experience in your particular type of case. You don't go hiring a divorce lawyer to handle a social security case. You need someone who has the experience and expertise to get through all of the legalities and specifics that come from a social security case. Find someone whose main area of practice is social security law. This will save you a lot of hassles down the road.

By asking the three questions above, you can save yourself a lot of stress in your social security case. Click here for info about lawyers. 

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