What Should You Do If You Are Involved In An Auto Accident?

If you are involved in an auto accident, you must first determine if anyone in any of the vehicles needs medical attention. After seeking the help of emergency services, if needed, you must then perform the necessary steps to protect your rights if a legal dispute should occur in the future.

What you must do if injuries occur in an auto accident 

First check all of the occupants of your vehicle to determine if medical care is required, then check the occupants of all other vehicles. They may be disoriented at first, so look for signs of physical trauma. If physical injuries are present, do not attempt to move the injured parties from their vehicle, unless they are in immediate danger from fire or a fuel spill.

Call 911 and answer any questions about the condition of the injured individuals, then wait until emergency crews arrive.If the accident occurred on a busy highway, leave the highway and wait fro ma safe distance until help arrives.

What should you do after the injured parties are removed or treated?

You must first trade insurance and contact information with the other drivers involved in the accident. 

Even if another driver admits being at fault, you should gather evidence to refute any possible accusations in the future. When you have gathered your wits, note the day, time and location of the accident. Reenact the accident in your mind to ascertain exactly how the accident occurred, then record it on your phone in a voice memo or written note.

Take some quick pictures of each vehicle's license plate and the damage sustained to the vehicles. Your cell phone will be able to provide time and location data to back up your notes.

Ask any onlookers if they had witnessed the accident and if they are willing to give contact information for a possible witness statement in the future.

If your vehicle can be safely moved from the road, you should move it to a safe location to avoid causing additional accidents or being struck by impatient drivers attempting to go around the accident scene.

Calling the insurance company

If another driver admits fault, call their insurance company later in the day to determine if the driver submitted a claim. You will be asked questions about the time ,location, and cause of the accident, and given a claim number for future correspondence if the other driver submitted a claim.

If you are not contacted in a timely manner, or the other driver suddenly changes their account of the accident, you must then call your own insurance company. They will pay for your damages and pursue the other driver's insurance company for repayment.

If the case can't be resolved in a timely manner, compensation is inadequate for the damages or injuries sustained, or you are falsely accused of causing the accident, you should seek advice from a car accident lawyer, such as from Gibbs and Parnell. You can present your evidence to an accident attorney and they can use it to its full potential  to clear your name and get you the compensation you deserve.

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