3 Reasons To Work With An Immigration Attorney When Getting A Job In The U.S.

Moving to the United States to work can often mean access to better paying jobs for workers. Unfortunately, not all American companies are willing to assist with the immigration process. In order to legally gain entry into the United States and begin working, it can be beneficial to have the assistance of an immigration attorney.

Here are three reasons why working with an immigration attorney is a must when relocating to the U.S. for work purposes.

1. You will need to obtain a work visa.

Before you can legally be employed by an American corporation, you will need to receive a work permit from the U.S. government8 U.S. Code § 1324a mandates that American companies not employ illegal aliens, and employees without a proper work visa must be terminated if discovered.

Working with an immigration attorney to file the paperwork necessary to obtain your work visa prior to your arrival in the country will ensure that you do not experience any complications when starting your new job.

2. You need to obtain the right kind of work visa.

Since employment opportunities for foreign-born citizens are limited based on the type of visa they acquire, it is essential that you file paperwork requesting the work visa that will allow you to perform your job duties successfully.

There are six types of work visas available, and each allows a visa holder to stay in the United States for a prescribed time period. If you want to avoid potential delays in your employment because you don't have the right work visa, work with an experienced immigration attorney to secure the right paperwork before entering the country.

3. You need to maintain your rights as a worker.

Immigrant workers can sometimes find they are not extended the same rights as their American-born co-workers. Once you have been granted a work visa, you are entitled to certain rights. These rights include being paid a fair wage for the work you complete, the ability to work with a labor union, and the right to seek recompense for violation of your rights in a U.S. court.

Working with an experienced immigration attorney will help you identify when your rights have been violated, and allow you access to the representation you need to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

Immigrating to the United States for employment can be beneficial. If you have accepted a position with an American company, be sure that you take the time to consult with immigration attorneys to help you secure the right type of work visa and maintain your rights in the future.

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