A Pain Journal/Diary: Document Your Injuries For Your Personal Injury Case

Do you have a pending personal injury case? If so, proving your injuries will become an integral part of your claim. The doctors and experts you have appointments will aid in proving your injuries, but keeping a diary/journal is a way for you to document what happens to you and how you feel. For example, your personal documentation can be used to document days when your pain is severe enough to keep you from getting out of bed. 

What You Should Write About

Write the medications you take. It is a good idea to document the reason you were prescribed medications. If you have any questions about why you are on a medication, ask the prescribing doctor so that you can document it. Also, document if medications are discontinued and when new ones are prescribed.

You should also enter your feelings as often as possible. Include the level of pain, anxiety, or depression. You can rate those feelings on a scale of 1–10. The lower the number, the more manageable the pain. Use numbers 6-10 for moderate to severe symptoms.

Tracking the dates you visited doctors is also important. They will have a record of your visits, but having your own documentation of visits may add to the credibility of your documentation. Simply put, your doctors will not be there with you every moment of this journey. Become your own advocate through documentation.

Consistency is Key

Do not make the mistake of writing in your journal often in the beginning, and then suddenly go days or weeks without writing in it. If your injuries or pain are too much and you do not feel up to writing, ask a friend or family member to write in the journal for you. They can document what you tell them about how you are feeling. They can also enter their own observations, such as your inability to get out of bed or your lack of appetite.

Take Advantage of Technology

Consider using an app for your smart phone or tablet to document your pain and mental state. You may choose to use a combination of hard copy and digital journal entries. For example, you may choose to write your entries on days where you feel able to do so, and you may choose to document via an app on days that are more difficult. The important thing is remembering to document daily or at least a few times a week. 

Final Thoughts

A personal injury lawyer is the best resource for your personal injury case. You can help them prove your case by ensuring you provide them with documentation of changes in your condition, medications, and doctors. There is so much that you will have to keep track of while trying to get yourself back on track, and a journal/diary that is regularly updated is a great way to document these important aspects of your case.

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