3 Facts You Need To Know In Case You're Ever In A Serious Car Accident

Thankfully, the advances in automotive safety over the past several years are allowing more people than ever to walk away from a car accident with only minor injuries. Unfortunately, not everyone will be this lucky. In the event that you are seriously injured in an auto accident, there are some facts that you should know before taking any action in your case.

Fact: It Is The Insurance Company's Job To Settle Your Claim For As Little As Possible

While claims representatives often do a wonderful job of making your feel as though they are on your side, the fact is, these representatives work for the insurance company and it is their job to settle your claim as quickly and for as little money as possible. Oftentimes, this means that they will contact you with an offer within a few days of filing your claim. In many cases, this offer will not be presented to you as though you have any choice in the matter, instead, the representative will likely tell you that this is what they are going to send you.

Do not be fooled! The first offer you receive is not set in stone and will likely be far less than your claim is actually worth. If you want to find out how much your claim is really worth, you will need to have the expertise of a qualified lawyer in your corner. Since this lawyer works for you and not the insurance company, you can be sure that they will always have your best interest in mind.

Fact: Most Personal Injury Claims Take Months To Settle

Car accidents can certainly take their toll on anyone's finances. Consequently, it is not hard to understand why so many accident victims are desperate to get the compensation they are entitled to. However, you should know that the process of securing a fair settlement in your case will not be completed overnight. In fact, it can often take months to gather the evidence and expert testimony necessary to convince the insurance company to finally offer a fair settlement amount.

If you find that you are unable to make ends meet while waiting for your case to be settled, be sure to discuss your current situation with your lawyer. While they cannot legally lend you money for your expenses, they can help you to identify resources within the community and may be able to help you avoid serious issues such as a foreclosure or repossession.

Fact: You Don't Need Money To Hire A Lawyer

Unlike many other types of lawyers, car accident lawyers do not require upfront payment in order to retain their services. Instead, these lawyers often work on contingency. This means that they are paid when your case settles and that their ability to collect a fee will be contingent upon them winning your case. Therefore, there really is no need for you to go without the legal representation you need when pursuing a car accident claim.

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