How To Acquire A Workers Compensation Lawyer Without Any Money

Are you worried that you may not be able to afford a workers compensation attorney? Most people who need a workers comp attorney are not in the best financial shape to begin with, and the attorneys understand that. There are many ways that you can afford a workers compensation attorney even if you don't have any money at the time. Most attorneys will work with you to help you afford their services.

Always Go for an Initial Consultation

Workers compensation attorneys will often give you a free consultation. Even those who do not offer free consultations usually offer either very affordable consultations or consultations that are discounted on a sliding scale. To find an attorney that will work with you, you can also contact your local legal aid society. Every state has a legal aid society that serves to offer advice regarding low cost legal services.

Look Up Your State Laws

Though most workers comp attorneys will take their fee after you have already completed your claim, the amount that they are allowed to take depends on your state's laws. You should either look up the laws on your own or ask the legal aid society how much the attorneys are allowed to charge. You can then go with the attorney that you have the most faith in who also gives you a reasonable quote. Some attorneys may negotiate regarding their fees, especially if your case is rather simple.

Inquire Regarding the Costs They Will Cover

There are some expenses that you will run into throughout the course of the trial that you might not have money for but that are still necessary. As an example, you might need medical tests. Some firms will cover these expenses for the duration of the trial and then ask for reimbursement after the case has ended. If you're in a difficult financial situation, you should try to find an attorney who will work with you to cover these expenses temporarily.

Ask About Lost Cases

You should always ask each attorney what they do in the event that they lose a case. Most workers comp firms will not charge; some will. You should look for a firm that either doesn't charge if they lose a case or charges only a percentage if they lose the case. Otherwise you could find yourself in an uncomfortable financial situation, as you could lose the case and then end up paying the entire legal bill.

Since most workers comp lawyers will not get paid until you get paid, they have a vested interest in ensuring that you win your case. Furthermore, they also won't waste their time -- if a workers comp attorney takes your case, you can rest assured that your case is one that they feel they are likely to win. For more information, contact a local law firm like Malone & Atchison

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