Staying Positive and Productive during Disability Denial Appeals

Being denied social security during a time of great need can feel like a crushing defeat, but if you have a legitimate disability that truly affects your ability to provide income, you're most likely only being denied due to a lack of information. Your first or previous disability claim may not have painted a big enough picture of your problem, which can be an issue when claims processors and investigators can only examine paperwork and medical statements. A few techniques for creating more compelling evidence and staying positive through the process can bring you closer to approval and with a better peace of mind.

Ask Questions About The Denial

A denial is not simply the claims process slamming the door in your face. Unless you're trying to get disability with no real physical or mental problem, there are many denial reasons that the Social Security system will be more than happy to assist with. 

Examine the denial reason carefully, as they may help you with appeals or going to a different service. Social Security Disability is not for everyone, and your proper compensation may be available through another program or even a private entity.

Your claim may simply not have enough information. If you only visited one doctor or didn't get a proper report of an accident or injury, the disability system can't just take your word for it. Contact a denied social security disability lawyer to arrange appointments with the right medical professionals and fact-finding meetings to fill in the blanks.

If you were injured as a government employee such as a military servicemember or a US Peace Corps field agent, you need to direct your disability claim to those specific systems. The denial may have information on the validity of your injuries, but a category called Technical Denial may shed more light on the issue.

Technical Denial Concerns

Technical denials can be confusing for many disability claimants, but the specific category should give hope. Many technical denials may acknowledge a problem, but point out reasons why Social Security specifically can't help you. 

For example, a technical denial may stop your claim because you're earning too much money to receive disability. Disability compensation is for sufferers who need assistance to survive on the economy because they're unable to maintain a living--not their current lifestyle.

If your income is too high for disability, you need to consider your disability reason. Were you injured on the job and unable to perform your old job? Were you in an accident caused by someone else or injured in a natural disaster? If you're able to work, but not making as much as you used to due to injuries, you may want to consider a personal injury lawyer--which a social security lawyer may be able to help with as well.

For any reason, you don't need to guess at the denial language on your own. Consult a denied social security disability lawyer to figure out the best way to move forward with your appeal.

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